Friday, March 29, 2013

Garden Work Has Begun!

Today the weather was warm enough that I was able to get outside and do some work.  Work that was LONG over due!  It was a rush to get things done since we're going to be gone over the Easter weekend and when we return it should be raining.  Here are the garden beds at the beginning of the day after a long winter without any work.

This is what I accomplished today:
*clean the straw and leaves off the beds
*pull plants that finally gave out over the winter and harvest any left over roots.
*prune back perennial herbs.
*amend beds that were going to receive seeds.
*turn over/loosen soil in the in-ground bed.
*Finally created draft garden plans so I could figure out where to plant some of my seeds.
*planted the following seeds: peas, kale, lettuces, carrots, and radishes.

Here are what the beds look like now:

Not perfect, but immensely better.
I still need to:
*amend remaining beds.
*plant spinach and chard
*finalize garden plans for summer plant placement.

Seeing the garlic growing without the straw and the pea tepee supports in place make it really feel like the gardening season has begun.

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