Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Long Live The Queen

Meet our new queen.  I jokingly mentioned that she could be from Africa since she is so much darker than our other queens.  We have named our past queens and we still needed to name this one.  My sister thought it would be funny based on my comment if we gave her an African name since our last two have had proper English queen names.  Andy thought this was a great idea and somehow I got roped into letting him name her.  So meet Queen Tigress Euphrates, yes, that really is her name.

When installing the queen you normally take off the cork on one end of the cage to expose the sugar candy so that the bees will eat through the candy and release her within the hive.  This queen cage did not have sugar candy and I wasn't about to release her to fly off into the unknown.  So I installed the bees and her queen cage how I know how to without removing the cork.

I then called a beekeeper who I picked up the bees from to ask about what I should do.  He suggested that I remove the cork, quickly cover the hole with my finger and then shove a mini marshmallow in to act like the sugar candy would.  So Sunday I went back into the hive to do this.  Hopefully it works I will find out tomorrow when I got back in to retrieve the queen cage.

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