Friday, July 2, 2010

Newport Garden Walk 4

Garden 7

More mirrors in a garden.  I like the way it reflects plants and makes the yard seem larger. 

Below I like how the gardener added shutters and painted the back of their garage to make it seem like the garden was against a cottage not a garage.

After seeing lots of different patios I am really enjoying rustic natural stone patios that leave a little room for ground covers to grow in between the stones.  Something about this look that screams warm, cheerful garden to me.

Garden 8

This Garden was themed around the Red's 1975 World Series Winning Team.  So obviously all color is read and white.  It was a cute yard and they pulled the theme off well.

This guy handed you a ticket as you entered the "ball field" or as we like to call it, backyard.

The patio table was decorated with a centerpiece made to look like a baseball with red stitching.  The place mats were made from turf from the old stadium and the grass in the cups is actual grass from the stadium too.  I'm not sure how that works to have turf and real grass also, but that's what they told us.

Yep those are seats from the old stadium.

Garden 9

This was a beautiful terrace garden.  I really enjoyed the pink hydrangeas and all the beautifully matched pairings in the containers.

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