Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Seedlings?

My current seedlings are not doing so well.  I waited until the weather dipped back down into the 80s and it seemed that it would stay.  But last week it again soared into the 90s and my lettuces and cilantro have not been doing well.  A few lettuce seedlings have come up and the radishes.  It seems the thistle doesn't mind the heat. 

Over the weekend it dipped back down into the 70s but this week it will return to the high 80s again.  The up and down of the weather isn't allowing the ground to cool for the seedlings to grow.  I am considering covering the unplanted areas with newspaper to block the sun and help the soil cool over the next week before I get the second planting in.  I want to get at least two more plantings in but I am afraid that based on the weather to do so now would be unproductive.

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