Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Red Maple

This past weekend we said good bye to the small red maple in the front yard of our house.  It's a pretty tree and you might be wondering why we cut it down.  There are two reasons why we cut the tree down.  

First is most of the pictures of the house are taken from the angle above, where you can see the window box, the house and both trees.  But reality is when you drive by you see the view from below.  A good portion of the house is blocked by the tree.  I take pride in crafting seasonal arrangements in the window box and you can't even see it unless you are at the right angle when you drive by.  We figure if we spend time and money on trying to make the front look nice you might want to be able to see it.  The tree is only going to get bigger and start blocking even more of the house.

The second reason is the power line you see above the tree.  Soon enough the tree will grow into the line and the power company is going to come and start hacking at the tree.  Once that happens it won't look nice and it might as well come down now.  Especially while it is small enough that we can handle it's removal.

We actually made the decision it needed to come down this past spring but I made Andy wait until we could see the colorful leaves one last time.  I am going to miss how beautiful it looks in the fall.  I really liked this tree it was just horrible placement.

The tree came down one branch at a time.


I hate to see the tree go but now you can see our house!

I am at least enjoying the last bits of the tree in the house by making an arrangement from some of it's branches.


  1. There should be more comments. It was a great post! I especially love the last picture.

    We have to take down a maple in our front yard too. We're putting it off, but the power lines are there, and carefully located fruit trees in it's place will give us more food.

  2. I hated to take it down, but we knew it would be easier to do it now than in a few years when it was larger and a real issue with the power lines.

  3. Wow that tree was beautiful, I could never see myself cutting it down. I'm about to plant two of them in my yard. Were they Drummond Red Maple or what kind of maples were they?