Monday, February 18, 2013


Last week the ground was finally dry enough to dig up some carrots and parsnips.  I have been harvesting a little at a time because I am curious to see how well certain items will keep in the ground.  The Napoli carrots are doing great and super sweet.  I have left a few in the ground to continue to test them.  The parsnips are OK, the cores are very woody and they should have been pulled awhile ago.  The leeks unfortunately did not make it through the deep freeze and snows, they are still standing but beginning to break down.


  1. Those carrots look beautiful! I still have some carrots in the ground as well but I am down to the small ones at this point. Soon I will need to dig them all up because as the day length increases they will start resuming growth for their second season - getting all hairy with roots as the plants work to go to seed.

  2. I bet the carrots have gotten very sweet with the coldness. Sorry to hear you lost the leeks though. :-(

  3. yummy roots; great to bake with that roasted chicken! But leeks would have been great too. Reminds me I need to get some leek seed started!