Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 Garden Expansion

You are looking at the space in our back yard slated for our garden expansion.  We have decided to take out the three evergreens.  They are just sort of plopped in the middle of the fence line and with only three they don't create a privacy screen.  The space there against the fence has no function and is just there. 

We have decided it will be a great area for a long raised bed.  This is the only spot in our teeny back yard that gets complete all day sun uninterrupted by any shade.  Our current garden depending on the time of day is shaded.  In the morning the half against the house is shaded and in the afternoon the side closest to the back fence is shaded by the house in the back.  Most plants get about 8 hours of sun in that garden.  We have been successful but I believe that some plants will be more successful in the newer garden.

The exact size and number of beds is yet to be determined.  Originally we decided against making this area veggie beds for resale purposes.  But really who knows when that will or won't happen and until then I want to maximize our growing potential.  I am looking forward to the extra vegetable real estate!  Below you can see where the space is in relation to our current garden against the white fence and the house.

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