Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today we cut down part of our neighbor's tree.  Our neighbor has a Magnolia tree on the side of their house.  I have nothing against Magnolia trees, in bloom they are gorgeous!  However this magnolia tree was planted in a 6 foot space, literally 1-2 feet from the property line and 3-4 feet from the side of our neighbors house.  So naturally it had no place to grow but over our yard. 

The tree is beautiful for about a week after which it drops its thousands of petals all over my freshly tilled garden.  All Summer long it shades my garden every afternoon and in the Fall drops all of it's thick waxy leaves onto our property.  Needless to say this Magnolia is not my favorite.  Andy and I have gone back and forth between whether or not to cut down the largest branch which hangs directly over the compost pile and possible spot for the bees.  We know that according to the city any part of the plant that falls on our property we are allowed to trim, prune or cut.  But we cut the branch at the base of the tree on the neighbor's property because it would look best this way.  Hopefully they don't get mad, but a renter lives there so we don't think they will care.


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