Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Most of you know that I am the cook in the house but Andy is the chocolatier of the house.  He quite often makes chocolate strawberries for us, family or friends.  Knowing his propensity for creating these treats his sister asked him to make 160 for her wedding that was this past Saturday.  She was having a champagne brunch reception and wanted to have them plated with her cupcakes in lieu of a cake.   I was a bit worried that the project was more than we could chew but it ended up being relatively painless and took us a couple of hours.  Here is how we spent our Friday evening:

This is what about 200+ strawberries look like, we wanted to make sure we had enough for mistakes, extras and the few duds we would find.

A few of the final product, we ended up with 184 chocolate covered strawberries!

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