Monday, March 14, 2011

Urban Farm

I currently subscribe to Organic Gardening and devour it in one sitting once I pull it from the mailbox.  I reread it a few times in the following weeks to further absorb the information and then stash it in my collection as a resource.  This weekend I found a second new favorite, Urban Farm.  I have checked it out in the past and enjoyed the articles.  On Saturday I pulled it off the shelves again and have officially decided to get a subscription.  It is all about growing food and raising animals within a city or in small spaces. 

Andy has been wanting blueberry bushes for well over a year now.  But knowing how big they get at the local blueberry patch we just don't have room.  The current issue has an article on dwarf varieties that work well in containers.  So guess who is getting a blueberry bush!  There was also an article about creating a homemade, affordable, indoor grow light; which has been high on my want list.  Additionally there were other great articles on urban beekeeping, chicken raising, community gardens and others.  Each time I read the magazine there is always 1 or 2 articles I want to keep as resources.  I am definitely looking forward to the new subscription and would highly reccomend it to any other urban gardener, farmer, homesteader.

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