Sunday, February 5, 2012

Exposed Crowns

We've had a lot of mild weather recently.  I went out to see if the asparagus might be coming up because many of our other plants think it's time.  I went out hoping that they haven't started to come up yet because I am afraid February might not be kind to them. 

I got out to the raised bed to find that the crowns have become exposed.  This worried me because I wondered if they were exposed during the ice storm we had a few weeks ago.  It seems with all the rain we have had alot of my soil has become displaced outside the beds.

So I immediately went to the garden center and bought some bags of topsoil to recover the crowns and protect them from possible harsh weather.  I am really hoping that no damage has been done.  We planted the crowns last year.  So being their first year we didn't take a harvest and just allowed them to grow.  This year will be the first year we can take a light harvest from them.  I will be devestated if we lost a year and have to start over.

Exposed crowns, they look like pieces of straw sticking up.

You can see how low the soil has become in the boxes and the mulch that the rain has displaced into the boxes.
Freshly covered and protected.

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