Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grapefruit Knife

One of my favorite salads combines avocados and oranges.  The oranges in the salad are sectioned which is much prettier since all of the membrane is cut away.  If you have ever sectioned an orange it isn't difficult but it can be tedious and time consuming.  You want to cut as close to the membrane as possible so as not to waste any fruit.  Cutting down each side of the membrane can take awhile.  When you are doing this on multiple oranges it quickly becomes old, very fast.  I actually haven't made this salad in over a year because I'm often not in the mood to section the oranges.

However I recently picked up this knife which has made me willing to section oranges again.  One end has a double blade that cuts down both sides of the membrane with one swipe.  I worried that the gap between the blades wouldn't cut very close to the membrane, but it did!  The curved end helps to cut the pulp away from the peel.  The knife is called a grapefruit knife but I use it specifically for oranges. With this knife sectioning an orange is definitely less tedious and only takes about half the time it used to.

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