Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stove Top Popcorn

Lately my new thing has been making stove top popcorn.  I've never made stove top popcorn before and had no desire to.  That was until our nephew, a boy scout, was selling popcorn this fall.  Of course being a good aunt and uncle we had to buy some.  That was until I saw the order form and prices.  A box of microwave popcorn was $20 and the tins of the caramel covered stuff was around $30.  Being that we don't really ever eat popcorn, $20 for a box of 4-5 fake butter drowned microwave bags seemed outlandish.  So we bought the bag of popcorn kernels for $10.

When we got the popcorn it went into the pantry and has sat there since I had no idea what to do with a bag of kernels.  Growing up we had an air popper and I loved putting the butter in the top cup and watching it melt from the heat of the popping.  Then came microwave popcorn and the air popper I am sure got tossed along the way.  I wasn't about to buy a piece of equipment for one bag of popcorn kernels.  So last night after months of the bag staring at me every time I opened our pantry I decided to break down and learn how  to make popcorn on the stove top.  It turns out it's actually not difficult and dare I say better than the microwave stuff.  In the past 24 hours I have made two batches and am tempted to make more.

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  1. And it's good for you; especially if you don't add all the butter and salt :)