Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trouble with Wildlife

This was the lettuce bed early Friday evening after planting.  We have had bad luck with lettuce the last few years.  This year I sowed the seeds a bit more thinly than in the past.  I didn't spend too much time because we have had such bad luck when I have taken much care I figured this year if I didn't worry about it too much maybe we will get a good lettuce harvest again.  But at the same time I tried to space the rows appropriately, spread the seeds and covered carefully with a thin layer of compost and manure.

When we returned on Sunday afternoon this was the bed trampled by some sort of animal.  It seems that it might have been a deer but it's hard to tell, the tracks weren't clear.  Of course it could have been an overzealous squirrel too.

It seems that at least once a year after planting seeds one of my beds gets trampled by the local wildlife.  I attempted to gently move the soil back how it was, but we will have to see how badly the planted seeds were displaced once they start coming in.

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