Saturday, April 20, 2013


I've been taking pictures since my last post but never getting around to posting them.  So here are a few things that have happened since the last post.

The trees have blossomed and I covered the two beds underneath until the tree looses its blossoms.  We asked our neighbor if we could remove the tree since the tree grows over our property because of it's placement next to their house.  They gave us permission but want to make sure the roots will all be removed because they are going to then plant another tree to help shade the house.  We decided it wasn't worth the work if they are just going to replant a second problem for us.  Since we don't plan to stay here long term we will just deal with it until we move.

I have seen a few cabbage moths around since it has warmed up so I made sure to cover the kale right away.  The right side of the tunnel has lots of extra fabric so that once the peas are pulled if I want to extend the kale or other brassicas I can easily cover them too.

 If only the things I planted as quickly as this Canadian Thistle that sprouted in the last week.  I have to get on top of them otherwise I will be growing weeds and not veggies.

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