Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby Eggplant!

I finally have a baby eggplant growing!  It has taken my eggplant forever to get going this year.  My first plant never died but it also didn't grow so a month after planting it I had to change it out.  This one has been growing but a bit slower or maybe it just feels that way because it got a late start being planted out a month after the first.  Last year I only had one plant and it went gang busters, we couldn't keep up with it.  This year I am wishing I had planted more plants, but I was afraid I would have too much.  At least they are coming now!

Another one on the way also!

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  1. I have three plants but only two have fruit and they're the size of your one. A very slow grower and I'm impatient to have them big enough to harvest.