Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I spent time over two days working on canning the bulk of our two boxes of peaches.  We ended up with 25 quarts, which is double what I did last year.  All in all I am happy with the results.

 This year I did a little experimenting with the different batches to try to eliminate fruit float.  Last year I canned peaches using the raw pack method with an extra light syrup since we don't want the extra sugar.  But no matter how much fruit I put in the jars they still floated which isn't harmful but doesn't look as pretty.
This year I tried the hot pack method and raw pack with heavier syrups.  In all the methods the fruit floated.  I definitely didn't like the hot pack method because the fruit became too soft and in the cans are mushed together.  The pieces in the raw pack cans hold their shape much better.  The hot pack method also had the hassle of the extra step of heating/cooking the peaches first.  All in all since none of the methods reduced fruit float I am sticking with the easier raw pack with extra light syrup in the future.


  1. I always get fruit float too. I am sure there is some secret out there that we are both not in on yet - to avoid it - but so far I just deal with the less than picture perfectness and enjoy the yummy goodness!

    1. I am with you, and just fine with fruit float but thought I would give it a try to experiment a bit.