Sunday, August 5, 2012


Over the weekend we went to Indy to visit my sister and her husband.  We started off the weekend with a trip to the state fair.


On Saturday we made a trip out to Traderspoint Creamery, an organic, sustainable dairy.  We took the "tour" which turned out to be nothing but a walk down a gravel road to a field with a few cows in it.


Multiple times we were warned about the electric fences and not upsetting the bulls while out in the fields.  We didn't quite get what the big deal was until we got out there and realized the only fence between us and them was a single electrified wire (which you can sorta see below) and wouldn't stop a charging bull.

 I got a lot of pictures of the animals but none of the humans, whoops.  We spent the rest of the weekend eating some good food and catching some Olympics.  Overall a great weekend with family!

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