Friday, August 3, 2012


Boxes of Pennsylvania peaches are available in our area a few weeks earlier than normal.  We love these peaches over those from the south because they always seem to have better flavor and are significantly juicier.  No matter how you eat them fresh they are always messy because they drip so much juice.

Our favorite place that carried them closed last fall so I asked around and found another orchard that orders them from the exact same place.  I drove an hour each way just to get these beauties.  You would think living in a big city we should be able to find a closer supplier.  But we take our peaches seriously and can't find any peaches that hold a candle to these in the Cincinnati area.

Last year I only got one box and Andy had to ration the canned peaches to make them last.  So this year I went for two boxes and split the second with my Mom.  I have a couple days of canning ahead of me.


  1. Hi! Yummy! We love frozen peaches but I have canned them before! They sure were expensive here this year but I know will taste so good this winter. Enjoy yours! Nancy

  2. That's great! You have so many good peaches. You'll enjoy your stores this winter! Our trees did very well this year. We harvested 7 buckets that were 5 gallons each. Unfortunately they caught some kind of fungus that makes them rot as they ripen. After many hours of labor (cutting away the rot) we canned, froze and ate around 40 pounds. I know that's better than nothing, but boy was it a lot of work. We still have 2 buckets to go!

    1. Canning peaches is a lot of labor between the peeling and slicing before even canning!