Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Duck Dynasty

Over the weekend Andy and I came upon a new show, Duck Dynasty.  It hillbilly, red neck and hilarious.  The Robertson's have some one liners that are funny statements themselves but the delivery is what makes it over the top.  Here are some of the gems we heard this weekend:

I have caught thousands of frogs.  I am a frog's nightmare, little tadpoles have nightmares about me 'cause I go in and I take them out.  I was just born that way.

Don't marry some yuppie girl.  Find you a meek, gentle, kind spirited, country girl.  If she knows how to cook and she carries her bible and she loves to eat bull frog, now there's a woman.  See what I am saying.  Just cause she looks a little homely that's all right.  It's a hard to get a pretty one that cooks and carries a bible.

The first prerequisite for a marrying a woman in my opinion: Can. She. Cook?  You gonna be there for 50 years and you don't even know whether she can cook!  What kinda thinking is that?  Well, we'll just live off love.  Not really, you'll starve to death.

Beavers are like the Viet Cong.  They move around at night and live in holes in the ground.

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  1. Great show! I've watched all of them last week to get caught up. Ready for tomorrow's episode. They have such great 1-liners. Found most of them http://duckdynastyquotes.com/