Monday, April 30, 2012

April Successes and Failures

It's the last day of April and its time to show off this month's fantastic failures and successes.

All of my chitted spinach germinated and then promptly died.  It seems that lettuce is not in my future this Spring.  None of my potatoes have germinated and I figure at this point none of them will.

Most of my radishes and carrotts were not successful.  Some of the radishes grew on the left, everything on the right died.  I have no clue what was wrong with one half of my bed.  I also never got around to another sowing so it looks like I will eat a total of 5 radishes this year.

The lettuces are still tiny.  They were planted on March 17th and in 44 days they have done practically nothing.  Again I have no clue what the issue is. 

This is my bed of Swiss chard.  As you can tell only three of the plants have germinated and continued to grow in the back, I need to reseed the bed to get some more going.


 Despite the blurry picture all of my herbs and garlic are doing really well.

The peas are also sailing along.


  1. I had problems in one bed with disappearing veggies, too. The spinach, radishes and beets came up beautifully, then began disappearing. All of the spinach is gone, more than half the beets and radishes. Like you, I have no idea why! At least our peas are growing :-)

  2. That is very puzzling, but such is gardening. Its a good thing seed is inexpensive. Gardening is a bit of trial and error. Enjoy your successes, learn from the failures.