Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Look at what I got this week, I love 'em!  I went to Tractor Supply Co. the other day looking for a new tomato cage and asparagus crowns.  Going through the aisles I found this pair beckoning to me.  I have been wanting wellies, muck boots, rain boots, whatever you wanna call them for years.  In the beginning they didn't even manufacture them in my size(11).  Then once I could find them in my size the pattern was hideous or they were way out of my price range.

When I tried these puppies on and they fit I was sold.  The pink with chicken weather vanes makes them adorable!  I tried to put them back and walk around to see if I really wanted them.  But there was no leaving without them.  The sticker on the shelf said they were $25 and I thought great I can do that.  But when I got to the counter the rang up $9.99.  You can't beat adorable wellies for ten bucks.  I am going to be gardening in style!

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