Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mulch Day

Yesterday was mulch day.  We had 5 cubic yards delivered for the garden and landscaping around our house.  It was the largest mulch delivery we have had yet.  The pile below was about as tall as the beehive.

We laid the mulch around the garden beds extremely thick, somewhere between 4-5 inches thick.  Below you can see the difference between the bed in the front that has been mulched around and the next bed which has not yet been mulched.  I decided to lay the mulch this thick because last year even with using a lining of newspaper first to kill grass and then mulching we struggled with the grass and weeds coming back through.  This year I wanted to make sure that there was little to no chance I would be weeding around the garden.

Ahh I love the look of clean, fresh mulch!

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