Friday, October 1, 2010

I Hate...

Snakes!  And this is what I was greeted with earlier this week in the garden.  I didn't notice him at first until I was too close for his comfort and he was freaking out at me.  I however beg to differ that it was the opposite way around, he was getting too close to me. 

I know that snakes eat bugs out of the garden and they can be beneficial.  But I would rather deal with the bugs than a snake.  So I took a shovel and ended his life.  Mean and cruel?  Probably, but this is my garden and I did not want a snake taking up residence.  I would have worried every time I go out there about running into him.  We live in quite an urban area and while yes we have deer, a mole, and crazy crickets, I never thought I would encounter a snake.  My skin is crawling just typing this.

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