Friday, October 8, 2010


Now that I have planted all of my seeds and am just maintaining the garden until frost kills everything off it's time to think about getting organized.  I am well known for my organizational skills and I am actually quite proud of this.  But while I love being organized at times it's a pain even for me. 

You might be wondering what needs to be organized in terms of the garden.  I want to review my successes and failures of each type of plant from 2010.  Then begin a spreadsheet/chart to record successes and failures so I can track what does and doesn't work for our garden and region.  Next I need to start planning next years garden determining what I will repeat, never do again, and try new in 2011.

Hopefully this winter I will become more tech savvy so that I can post my spreadsheet and others can benefit from my trials and errors.

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