Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bee Keeping

This past year many of you know I had a tomato-less wonder of a tomato plant.  Additionally in 2 years I have only been able to grow 1 zucchini and a small handful of summer squash.  On all the plants I have had plenty of blossoms.  So what this leads me to believe is that we might have a pollination issue. 

This summer we went on a garden walk where one of the homes had 2 hives of bees.  The hives were put in for the health benefit of their plants.  Both owners sang the praises of the bees and how their gardens had greatly benefited from the addition of the bees. 

With the wheels in my brain turning this made me think maybe I could benefit from some bees and my vegetables production would significantly increase with the presence of more bees.  Then I began to dream about having my own local honey.  How Martha Stewart would I be if I had my own honey that I could gift at the holidays?  Not to mention it just might help me with the crazy seasonal allergies I have been having this year.  So this weekend I went to a bee keeping class and I am convinced that I will at some point be a bee keeper.  I'm not sure if it will be a reality for this spring but definitely sometime in the near future.

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