Thursday, November 11, 2010

Small Plot, High-Yield Gardening

This was the last book in the stack I got at the Library awhile back.  The last two books I reviewed were kinda duds but this one was worth saving for last!  The previous two books I ended up at times scanning through and not fully reading.  This book I read word for word, cover to cover.  I took pages of notes and even so am going to add this book to my library.

Some of the highlights of the book is that it discusses the ideal spring, summer, fall crops and organizes the book by season and when plants should be started.  Sal Gilbertie stresses keeping rabbits and how their manure is the absolute best for you garden, not to mention they will eat your kitchen scraps.  He also discusses the progression of starting a garden and what to realistically expect to do your first, second and third year.  Plenty of information is given on starting a garden, building your soil, composting, starting plants and cultivating each type of plant.  Resources for seed companies, U.S. Cooperation Extension Services for each state, and sample garden plans are laid out.  This book is chockful of useful tidbits and worth buying!

I am going to hang up my research hat for awhile and enjoy a couple of Fiction books next.

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