Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Surprise

The big surprise this year was a gift for Andy, a snow blower!  He started looking at them this Summer during August way before any signs of snow were coming.  But last Winter was a lesson in how much work shoveling our driveway really is and with his back issues this was something he really wanted.  We have been holding off because it is a big purchase.  I was talking to my Dad about Christmas after we had already given our families our gift ideas.  I told him that we should have picked a snow blower out at a specific store and then just asked for gift cards from everyone to go towards it.  Unknowingly I found out the my Dad had an extra snow blower given to him by another family member who no longer wanted theirs.  It was still in pristine condition and after a trip to the John Deere store to make sure it worked properly it found it's way under the tree for Andy!

He had no idea and was not expecting anything of the sort.  The snow blower wasn't actually wrapped, it was a picture of it taped to a gas can for the snow blower.  Needless to say he was surprised and thrilled!

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