Friday, December 17, 2010

Homemade Gift #1

In the past I have made gifts that I couldn't find in the store, often these gifts are the best.  This year I decided to make some gifts because I couldn't determine what to buy the person and to help us tighten our holiday budget. 

The first and easiest gift was bath salts.  There was an article in the latest Organic Gardening about how to make bath salts.  It's really simple.  Pick your salt, scent, and additions.  I did a lavender version with Pink Himalayan salts, lavender oil, and dried lavender buds. 

I put them into a candle jar that I had completely burned and cleaned the jar thoroughly.  This was honestly the most economical choice seeing as it was something I had on hand.  But I like to pretend that I was doing my part for the environment and was repurposing the item.

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