Friday, December 24, 2010

Coca Cola Santa

On this Christmas Eve as the excitement of the big day is upon us I wanted to share my Christmas guilty pleasure.  It's Coca Cola Santa.  As a kid Coca Cola did an amazing marketing number on me with their commercials and advertisement for their Santa Packs, essentially just the packs of cans with Santa on it.  But I still can see the commercial in my head with the train chugging along and the jingle about Santa Packs are coming.  Something about that marketing made Coca Cola Santa nostalgic for me and I am forever hooked at Christmas time.  I don't even drink Coke but I buy a 2 liter at the holidays with the Santa on it to put in my fridge so I see it everyday.  Ridiculous?  Yes, I know, I just can't help.  Here is this years Coca Cola Santa commercial which still makes me smile.

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