Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Displaying Christmas Cards

I have been having trouble the last couple years with what to do with my Christmas cards.  I like to display them but don't want to put them all over a table top or mantle.  I have looked at card "trees" but never really want to shell the money out for one and don't have an empty spot to place one.  This year I found this Pinup Wreath on the Martha Stewart Website.  It is adorable and the perfect solution for me.  It was inexpensive and easy to make, I highly suggest it as a seasonal display for your Christmas Cards.

This is how mine turned out.  I bought a smaller wooden embroidery hoop because I didn't think we would get enough cards to fill out the big one.  Boy was I wrong I have cards stacked underneath each other.  I should have known not to go against Martha and buy a small hoop since it wouldn't have room on the inside for multiple cards, there is barely room for two on mine.  Next year I will tear this one apart and use a larger hoop to make room for all of our cards.  But I will say that I don't suggest alternating clips in and out as their instructions indicate.  I suggest doing one clip in and two out.  Even with a large hoop you will loose valuable card space if you alternate every other.

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