Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

I really enjoyed the mums when they were in full bloom but they have died and I trimmed them back so that the second crop of buds can bloom.  This week the burning bush and maple have turned beautiful, brilliant reds.  They are gorgeous!  By the time the mums have blooms again the tree and bush will be leafless.  I was hoping that somehow next year you might be able to coordinate them to be in color at the same time.  I really wanted a picturesque post card perfect Fall picture of our house.  This year I will settle for a flowerless Fall picture but I hope next year might be a little bit different. 


 Actually I think it's pretty anyways!


  1. Could be a Christmas card picture!

  2. It could! But I buy my Christmas cards after Christmas when they are half off so I already have this years packed away ready when I need them.