Monday, November 21, 2011

Too Soon?

Every year I struggle with the tension between getting all the Christmas stuff out so that we can enjoy it for as long as possible but at the same time not getting it out too soon.  I like to have all my harvest/Fall decorations up for Thanksgiving but the day after it all gets taken down and Christmas goes up.

I am a Christmas Freak!  I love the season, the cheerfulness, the winter decor, the gatherings and all out good cheer.  I love Christmas.  I struggle with not listening to music before Thanksgiving.  My sister has a strict no Christmas music rule until after Thanksgiving.  However I have sneaked a few songs in, but on Friday it will be Christmas music all the time until December 31st.

I won't break out the tree, garland or poinsettias until Friday.  But this past weekend we went ahead and put up the lights outside.  It was quite comfortable Saturday and Thanksgiving weekend is always so busy with family, friends, and decorating inside that we thought it would be good to get a head start.  But now that they are up I want to turn them on at night, but we will wait as hard as that may be.

Andy decided he wants lights on the bushes below the window so we will be adding more next week.  But for the most part it is done and we can't wait to have them on at night!


  1. I can tell you're chompin' at the bit for Christmas. The house looks very nice!

  2. Your house if very pretty. I say turn them on, especially for your friends and family on Thanksgiving. Only scrooge could complain about that!