Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For Real?

I have posted many times how I do not like my neighbor's magnolia tree such as this post or this one.  It's a beautiful tree but it was planted in the worst spot possible.  Now is the time I dislike this tree the most because all of its thick waxy leaves end up all over our property and in our garden. 

However many of the leaves also fall in our neighbor's property.  The house is actually rented out so a lawn service comes and does all the yard work.  Friday I came home to find that all the leaves had been blown into our property.  Yep instead of using the leaf blower to blow them to the street it was just easier to make them our problem.  The piles of leaves are just as tall as the raised beds.  The pictures don't quite do it justice to show just how much they blew into our yard.

I passively aggressively kicked some of them back over but it's not the renters fault.  I want to call the owner and complain that the lawn service does this every year and could she ask them to properly dispose of the leaves on her property.  But I am afraid then we will get an earful from her about how we have hacked at her tree even though it has been within our legal limit since it hangs over our property.

I really want the tree to somehow just disappear, PLEASE!  I did however rake up all the leaves plus the ones I kicked over because I knew it was the grown up thing to do.


  1. I feel the frustration, of which way you should go..maybe you could tell the neighbor what's happening..(even send her pictures) she's not aware the people aren't doing their job. Good luck with it.

  2. Sorry to hear it. We understand. Our neighbors dog treed our cat a couple days ago. When she fell out the dog nearly killed her. Thankfully we never declawed her. She could at least defend herself enough to avoid the vet. What a pain, but maybe you can even use the leaves for compost.