Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Video

For some people they don't consider anything official until it makes it on Facebook.  In our house nothing is considered official until Andy makes a video of it!  Teasing aside Andy's Grandma could not make Thanksgiving this year and thus he was asked to make a video so she could share in the day with us.  And I thought why not share it with all of you so you could share in our quirkiness because we do things like play Thanksgiving Pictionary and randomly break out in song.  Enjoy!

FYI all the kiddos call her Grandma even though she is really their great grandma because all of their grandmas have names like Nana or Mimi which to them makes her just Grandma.


  1. A very nice video showing a family at Thanksgiving! Hopefully it was repeated around the world with others.

  2. That was a delightful video! I was grinning just watching it and seeing everyone having a good time! I know Grandma LOVES it! Nice job!