Monday, November 14, 2011


The weather has become cooler and frost has set in so it was time to plant garlic.  The past two years I have planted soft neck varieties that have always ended up a bit puny.  I'm not sure if its been because the soil isn't loose enough, the garden center was selling crap product, or the variety.

So this year I bought garlic from the Farmers Market to plant in my own garden.  The garlic was sold to cook with but I figured if the Farmers around here are having luck with this variety maybe I will too.  They actually had a couple of garlic options and I bought "Music" because I wanted to try a hard neck variety to see if it would make a difference.  I have also read that Music is a good variety that it is easy to grow, hardy and stores well.

I planted 32 cloves six inches apart in all directions and 2 inches deep per standard garlic planting directions.  We will see how well it does come next Summer!

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  1. We planted garlic for the first time this year. We'll look forward together with you to a successful harvest next year!