Sunday, November 27, 2011


I posted last year about my enamor with the Coca-Cola Santa.  I was brainwashed by some advertising back in the early nineties as a child.  Now every holiday season I buy Coca-Cola products just to see Santa smile at me from inside my fridge anytime I open it.

This year I went to the store to buy my Coke products only to find that Santa is absent this year from the holiday packaging.  I try not to be consumeristic but this one really bummed me out.  So much so that I scoured their website and could not find a place to send complaints so I have penned a letter and put it in the mail to Coca-Cola.

My letter reads:

Dear Coca-Cola,

I am not a regular Coca Cola consumer however since childhood we have always made sure to buy "Santa Packs" during the holiday season.  Your Santa packaging is a welcome reminder and sign of the holidays.  I appreciate your efforts towards Polar Bear preservation and awareness and enjoy seeing them on the Diet Coke products.  However I wish that next year the Santa packaging is brought back as it is a part of our holiday traditions as I am sure it is for many other families.  We will choose not to buy Coca Cola this holiday season solely because of the packaging and the absence of the Santa.
                                                 Happy Holidays,
                                                           Vanessa Kennedy

Out of all the things in the world that I could take my time to fight for I wrote to Coke about Santa packaging.  Yep, it's official, I am a bit ridiculous.       


  1. "...back in the early ninties as a child..." Suddenly I realize that my childhood was in the early fifties! Oh! Hand me a cane so I can walk! Ha! Ha! That Santa was a good looking one.

  2. Sorry, I realized when I posted this it would age me and maybe some of my readers.