Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Closer Look

The aerials give a good overview of the whole garden but from the window upstairs everything looks so much smaller than it does in person.  So here is a view around the garden (in the same order) but at ground level.
 Parsnips, snapdragons, kale, cabbages, cosmos and zinnias for cutting.

 Eggplant and potatoes are on the farthest left then followed by all the tomatoes.  The borage is on the edges of the bed and is much later than last year.

 An extra tomato that I had to plant that seems to be done growing.  I knew it was determinate but I thought it would get 5-6 feet tall not 1-2 feet tall.  Green and purple bush beans and then the replanted asparagus.

 My lettuces that refuse to grow no matter how much I water them, give them shade or the proper soil they just won't cooperate.

 The beehive with volunteer morning glories.

 In the front are onions that refuse to bulb and leeks that I have decided to let them do their own thing instead of blanching with more soil.  Behind are the summer squashes that seem to be recovering from SVB after spraying with neem oil but the zucchini to the right don't look as good.

 In the front are my herbs: oregano, chives, thyme and sage.  To the left in the open spot where the garlic was I have seeded more cilantro and dill.  I have been reseeding them all over the place but in the heat and drought they have not been growing.  I hope to get some soon since the cucumbers are coming!  Behind them are cucumbers that are really beginning to produce and KY Wonder pole beans that have vigorous vines but no beans.

In the front dill (that is drying out for seed), rosemary and basil round out my herbs followed by swiss chard.  Behind the chard were peas but now I am growing some new squash plants from seed since the others looked like they were going to fall to SVB.