Saturday, July 7, 2012


This morning we went blackberry picking.  They are the plumpest and sweetest blackberries I have ever had.  The season is always short but we never miss it.  These berries are so good they don't let anyone into the patch until 8am and then everyone literally runs once they let us go.  The patch is always picked over within 30-60 minutes.  But they are worth the work!

Look at how big these berries are!  I've never had another blackberry like the ones from this patch.  We also picked a few blueberries while we were there. 


  1. My, that's a LARGE blackberry!! What do you do with them? I made an awesome blackberry jam with the ones we picked from the you-pick-em berry farm in town, now I'm wising I picked more 'cause that jam went quick!

    Looking forward to reading your blog! Found you from over at Tiny Gardener.

  2. I have never had one that large...wish I was close enough to go there and pick