Friday, July 13, 2012

Squash Vine Borers

As you can tell from the pictures the squash vine borers have gotten the best of my zucchini and summer squash plants.  I sprayed them with insecticidal soap hoping that would hold them off but obviously it didn't.  One plant has already died and the other five are on their way.

I rotate the plants into different beds each year hoping that would help but squash vine borers have killed off my plants three years in a row.  It seems I am going to have to resort to a neem oil product.  Neem oil can be used up to the day of harvest and does not affect most beneficial insects.  But they aren't sure if it is or is not harmful to bees.  Because of this I have refrained from using it.  But from what I can read as long as it is not sprayed while the bees are active in the area they should be fine.

I am hoping to get a few more squashes off the plants before they finally succumb.  Until then I have planted some more seeds in a different area hoping to get some new plants going.

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