Thursday, August 5, 2010

Canning Expedition

As promised I made some of the blueberries we picked on our anniversary into jam and then canned it.  This was my first experience canning and I really enjoyed it!  I used the Ball Blue Book canning guide for my recipe and canning instructions.   It was quite simple as long as you follow all of the directions.  I was advised that they their recipes use a bit too much sugar so I cut out 1/3rd and I think I could have cut 1/2, it all depends on your taste preference.  The trickiest part was having the canning pot with simmering water ready to go while keeping the jars hot in another pot and making the jam in another.  All of the items almost didn't fit on my stove top. 

I did read the book a bit before starting and so once I got to actually canning I had a firm grasp of what I needed to do.  I highly suggest going out and getting the book it has great step by step instructions and some have illustrated instructions.  I am definitely looking forward to canning other produce this year and for years to come!

Jam in the works

Cans getting ready for jam and measuring the head space before attaching the lids to get a proper vacuum seal.

Ready for processing.

Final Product!

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