Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall Planting

At the beginning of last week I started my fall plantings of various lettuce varieties, radish and cilantro.  I have had some empty space in my garden from the pulled carrots, onions, garlic and failed squashes that I have been ready to fill with lettuces and such.  However it has been extremely hot and dry.  Many of these plants would not have succeeded under these conditions. 

At the farmers market I asked one of the vendors I buy from regularly if they would have fall lettuces and they confirmed my opinions that their current planting have failed due to the heat and once it started to cool more they would be able to grow them.  I checked a fall planting calendar for my area and according to them I should have planted cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower back in July, my last lettuce planting should have been on the 25th and my last radish should be September 9th.  Well I am on time for my radishes but late in everything else.

I am going to get a second planting next week since we are soaring back into the 90s this week but then dipping back down.  Hopefully I will get a third planting in before it's too late and I hope to try row covers this fall/winter to extend our lettuces as long as possible.

Some of my empty space for the fall plantings.  Bamboo sticks guided my planting for where I will lay the soaker hoses after my seedlings become established.

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