Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We spent our weekend in and around Indianapolis to visit my sister Tiffany and her husband Tom.  Knowing my penchant for local, organic, sustainable food they made sure to take us to places that would fulfill these preferences.

Our first stop was a local cajun, creole shop called Yats.  They make all sorts of stews, etouffees, and curries atop rice.  It was quite yummy but I was too busy eating to take pictures.

The next stop was a cupcake place called Holy Cow.  They used to sell their cupcakes at a Farmers Market but sold out too fast that owner has opened up a full shop. 

They took us to their local butcher shop and I was in heaven!  I only wish I could find somewhere like this in Cincy.  All of their meat was free range, humanely raised, grass fed, and never given hormones or antibiotics.  They also sold wild, sustainably caught fish which can be even harder to find.  I am very jealous of this shop.

For brunch we went to a cute, local restaurant called Bubs.  They grow their herbs and some of their veggies in the back of the place.  The decor inside is bright and welcoming.  Orange juice served in wine glasses and water in glass jars.  The food was excellent and even though we had to wait awhile the free coffee, and walk along the Monon (bike trail) and downtown Carmel made it worth it.

We had a wonderful weekend trip with Tiffany, Tom, and of course the fur baby Reagan.

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