Friday, June 10, 2011

Farmers Market Find

Over the weekend Andy and I hit up the Hyde Park farmers market specifically to buy shitake mushrooms because the vendor who I normally buy from at the Madeira's farmers market wasn't there.  While there we also browsed all of the other vendors.  I found Traderspoint Creamery whom I had never seen at the market before.  I was especially intrigued because while I have seen cheese vendors at the markets I have yet to see anyone sell milk. 

We stopped to taste some of their goodies and walked away with their herbed greek yogurt and spicy fromage blanc.  The herbed greek yogurt was delicious and flavorful and I plan to use it in place of mayo like below on the burgers or as a base for creamy herb salad dressings.  The spicy fromage blanc had kick but not too much heat and I look forward to using it also spread on sandwiches, in sauces or mixed into other dishes.  I'm glad that I had to venture over to the other market last weekend because we have found some new favorites!

We have been successful in the past year of buying as much of our food locally as possible.  Most of the meal above was purchased from a local farmer or from my garden.  We picked up some fresh saffron pasta while at the market which was delicious!

As an adult I have rediscovered brussel sprouts.  I was never a child that disliked brussel sprouts but I also didn't willingly pick them to eat.  Brussel sprouts is a food that if it isn't cooked correctly it tastes awful.  In an effort to continue to eat a large assortment of veggies I have added brussel sprouts to my repertoire of recipes.  My favorite way to eat them is simple to make and with bacon.  What isn't good with bacon?

I don't actually measure items when I cook so these are ballpark amounts based on what I use.  Cook up 2-3 pieces of bacon depending on their size and how much bacon you want.  While bacon is cooking quarter about a pound of brussel sprouts.  When bacon is finished drain most of the drippings but leave just a little bit and then add a tablespoon of olive oil.  Brown brussel sprouts and while they are cooking crumble bacon.  Allow to cook for a couple of minutes stirring so they don't burn.  If brussel sprouts are still too crisp add a quarter cup of chicken broth or water to pan, immediately cover to allow them to steam for a few minutes.  Then sprinkle in bacon and a squeeze in a bit of lemon juice.


  1. Hmmm. I like brussel sprouts, but my hubby won't touch them. Maybe if I entice him with bacon, he might like them! We will have to try this out in he fall.

  2. Nartaya I don't know anything that doesn't taste better with bacon and any man that can stay away from something using bacon. Good Luck!