Monday, June 20, 2011


Goodbye Spring lettuce, hello Summer.  The lettuce is going bitter and I have Summer varieties growing but nothing ready to pick.  With the first day of official Summer being tomorrow it is time to move on.

This is just some of the lettuce picked.  I have also been picking plenty of herbs but I normally just take what I need before cooking and none of it gets recorded.


  1. Very nice -- what summer varities did you plant?

  2. Sadly I didn't pick a lot of my lettuce fast enough. I had to toss it into the compost as it was inedible. Too bad too since I would have had a lot of salads out of it.

  3. I am growing a variety called All Year Round from Pinetree Garden, New Zealand Spinach, and Vegetable Amaranth. The All Year Round variety is they only one doing well and actually growing.