Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Break

I had my last day of the school year yesterday which means it is time for Summer Break and time for projects.  This is the first Summer in years that I haven't had a Summer job and I plan to use my time to the fullest extent.  Here are some of the items off my to do list:

*Repaint the Front Porch and Railings
     -We already skim coated the front steps and decided that the kitty paw prints are cute and not worth redoing.  But the railings are cracking and rusting and the paint on the porch is chipping.  Everything needs a face lift.

*Clean Out All Closets
   -I don't wear half the stuff I own and we hold on to too much stuff hoping to use it someday.

*Reorganize Recipes
     -I have binders of recipes I don't use which are taking up space and make it hard to find what I need when I actually need it.

*Become a Master Pie Maker
     -Yes you read that right.  I want to perfect making pie crust.  I love to cook and bake but used to make crappy pie dough and then for years used to take the short cut and buy frozen pie dough.  Last year I tried a recipe for Pate Brisee and had excellent success the first time and second time it failed miserably. This Summer I am going to perfect my pie making skills, although I don't know who is going to eat all these pies.

*Can extra harvest, make sauces, jams and homemade goodies for later in the year

*Reorganize Files
     -We hold on to way too much paperwork, it's time to streamline.

*Read Fiction
     -I spend plenty of time reading blogs, cooking and home magazines, and doing garden research.  Years ago I used to devour fiction books.  In fact as a child I used to hide books under my pillow just to read them from the crack of light in the hall.  I even used to try to con my sister into hiding my books for me when my parents caught on to my schemes.  But adult life and responsibilities have set in these last few years and I just don't seem to find the time to read like I used to.  The first on my list is Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, who is my favorite author!

*Tend the Garden and Bees
     -This is a no brainer but in order to be able to can extra harvest you have to have crops that give you the harvest.

     -This one is a little unfair because we already have some trips planned.  A visit to see my sister, a family reunion, and a work trip to Charlotte for Andy which is over our anniversary so we will find some time for fun!

I hope to be able to complete this list and more.  But every Summer always flies by and before I know it school is around the corner.  I am looking forward to a busy but fun Summer filled with hard work that will be rewarding!


  1. Please send the pies my way!!!:D

  2. Are you even allowed to mail food anymore? They always ask me when I mail a package if it is something perishable.