Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wildflower Cafe

In our quest to eat locally, humanely and sustainably raised food we have also been frequenting restaurants who share our same beliefs.  One of our favorites is Wildflower Cafe.  We have actually been eating there before we started this quest because the food there is excellent.  My mother in law turned me onto this restaurant and we even had them cater our rehearsal dinner. 

They use all local sources for their food and all of their farmers raise their food sustainably and humanely.  When I eat there I always feel good about what I am eating.  The menu is constantly changing based on what is in season and available.  In the main dining room the menu is written on a wall sized chalkboard.  The restaurant has the charm of a cute cozy farm style restaurant but still has bistro appeal for any urbanite with a wine bar upstairs.  Based on appearances you might think that the food is going to be simple but the Wildflower easily competes with all the upscale gourmet cooking in the city and won the #1 burger in Cincinnati in 2010 by Cincinnati Magazine.  We love this restaurant and always keep going back for more.

Two different versions of the burger, it's hard not to always get one especially since it is the best!

Steak and Crab with garlic mashed potatoes, fresh veggies, and beurre blanc

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