Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garden Chores

The beans have been thinned to 4 inches apart.  Succession plantings of beans and radishes have been sowed.  My flowers for cutting have been planted.  I sprayed the tomatoes and squash again with fish emulsion to help the tomatoes fight off foliage issues and hopefully to revive the squash.  The tomato cages and stakes went into the garden.  Now that it warmed up here things are definitely chugging along.  Since the monsoon has finally ended I am going to place the soaker hoses into the garden this week because soon I will have to start watering again once the soil has time to properly dry out.
Thinned out beans and the succession planting coming in.  The second planting germinated much quicker in the heat we have been having.

It's hard to tell but my cutting flowers are coming in, the zinnias are doing the best which is the green row of tiny seedlings.  In the back of the box you can sort of see the ferny asparagus growing.

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