Sunday, June 26, 2011

Goodbye Broccoli

I decided to pull out the broccoli.  I transplanted them April 10th, they have been slow to grow and now they continue to do nothing.  No tiny broccoli heads, nothing.  I have however been picking off cabbage moth caterpillars and checking them daily.  I'm afraid soon they will be infested with them.  Last year we had an unfortunate experience with broccoli from another's garden.  Even after three salty water baths I still couldn't get all the tiny caterpillars out and eventually we just tossed it all instead of risking eating one.  We decided to do broccoli this year, harvest them and then pull them before they got infested. 

When they were small I planted radishes in between and now the broccoli are stunting their continued growth by shading them.  I figured it was their time to go since they have produced nothing useful yet and at least if I give the radishes more Sun I will get something from this plot.  I planted some cilantro in their place for a late Summer/Fall crop and will probably sow Kale once the radishes have been picked.  We left one lone plant to see how long it takes before it finally produces some broccoli.



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