Monday, June 13, 2011


I continue to harvest plenty of radishes.  I have been using the entire plant eating the radishes on sandwiches, in salads, or plain; while cooking the radish tops and tossing them into pastas.

This was a surprising find, an albino radish.  This radish is one of the purple radishes and the crown is slightly purple.  Normally even when the radish bulb doesn't form the roots are still the proper color like the radish at the right but this one for whatever reason became white instead of purple.  It tasted the same as all the others.

Over the weekend some of my first planting of radishes were starting to bolt so I pulled them all.  Many of the radishes hadn't formed so I am going to use just the leaves.  As I was cleaning the greens I found this clump of eggs on the back of a leaf.  After that I made sure to double check all of the leaves.  But in good news our lettuces are getting large enough to start cutting them and I was able to cut enough for a salad Saturday night.

 Lettuce and Radish tops


  1. Ugh don't you hate finding those little 'buggers' on the back of your veggies :(

  2. I know those eggs! Well, I mean, I've seen them on the backs of some of my greens, too, but I don't know for certain what they are. I would guess that if left alone, they will turn into evil caterpillars that will eat giant holes into your lovely green leaves. Happy harvesting!

  3. what a pretty bowl of lettuce. I'm still eating my radishes I picked ages ago. I'd better finish them though before they mold up.

  4. Allison yes I hate finding them. Right now I am hand picking off the green catepillars on my brocolli from the cabage moths. I should cover the brocolli but it just isn't as pretty.

    thyme2garden, I would love to know what they are but I also figure they aren't a beneficial insect and can't be good.

    Daphne, thanks! The lettuce is going bitter and I need to pick it all but my Summer lettuce isn't going to be ready for a while so I am procrastinating on pulling it and just making sure I have enough dressing to cover the bitter tastes.